Friday's Jewelry LLC

Cuff Links

When was the last time you saw a French-cuffed shirt donning a sharp pair of cuff links?  Probably more often than you'd think.  Take notice next time you watch a press conference featuring many heads of state from perhaps several different countries.  There is good chance a large percentage of them will be wearing cuff links (Yes even in the 21st century!).

So try it for yourself.  Picture yourself wearing a shiny new pair of 1943 steel penny coin cuff links at an event where you may or may not really know every person.  As a way to start a conversation you mention how in 1943 pennies in the U.S. were minted of steel to conserve copper for the World War II.  You might be surprised at how many others overhear your conversation and are eager to participate.  How many new people will you meet at this event?  Your future spouse?  Boss?  In-Laws?  This list could go on.