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Scottish Queen Elizabeth II 1-Shilling Vintage Coin Cufflinks

Cuff links made from vintage Scottish Shillings from the early reign of Queen Elizabeth II, out of circulation for over 40 years after the change over to decimalization.  Each pair is hand crafted, soldered and polished to shine!

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Coin Diameter - 0.93 inches (23.6 mm)

Each pair will be packaged with care in black velvet gift-box with a cardboard sleeve.

Pre-Decimal English Currency Reference Table:

4 Farthings = 1 Penny

12 pence = 1 Shilling

2 Shillings =1 Florin

5 Shillings = 1 Crown

240 Pence = 1 Pound Sterling = 20 Shillings

  • Mounting : Tails Display on both sides

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