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U.S. Silver Mercury Dime Coin Cufflinks

Up for sale are cuff links made from genuine U.S. silver Mercury Dimes minted prior to 1946.  Each pair is hand crafted, cleaned and polished to shine and look exceptional. 

From 1916-1945 these are what U.S. dimes were in circulation.  The obverse (heads) of the dime was intended to portray a winged lady Liberty however many confused this image with the Roman Goddess "Mercury" and the name stuck forever being called the "Mercury Dime".

Coin Diameter - 0.70 inch (17.8 mm)

Coin is 90% silver however the back is a non-silver chrome alloy.

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Each pair will be packaged with care in black velvet gift-box with a cardboard sleeve.

If you are unsatisfied in any way please return for a full refund.

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