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Money Clips

Imagine yourself at a seemly stodgy "Black-Tie" event.  You glance around the room and scan quickly for a familiar face but fail to recognize anyone among the crowd of equally nervous faces.  Of course you show up early always keeping the phrase in mind "Better 10 minutes early than 5 minutes late".  After drifting around for what seems to be an eternity, you head to the cash bar in search of your favorite libation.

As you pull your money clip from you pocket, it immediately catches the eye of another guest whose curiosity is quickly piqued by the brilliant Walking Liberty Half Dollar mounted on your new money clip.  He remarks "hey that's neat, isn't that one of those old half-dollar coins?".  "I don't think I've seen one of those in the past several decades."  At once the ice is broken, you now have a new friend in a room full of strangers - perhaps all of them soon to be friends.

As you discuss the intriguing coin made of silver you now have several factoids regarding U.S. coinage minted prior to 1965.  You describe how several U.S. coins minted prior to 1965 were made of silver unlike the cuppro-nickel alloy of today.  You can also bring up that fact that they remained in circulation up until the early 1980's until two eccentric Texas billionaires tried to corner the world's silver market hence sending the price of silver sky-high.  Many people snatched up any silver they could in the hopes that the value would keep climbing until their (the Hunt Brothers) plot was gradually un-foiled. Yet today there are many sock drawers full of old silver coins in the hopes that one day the silver market will rise again.

Hey it's more exciting than the plain black leather wallet everyone else has...